We founded Veterans Entertainment for Trauma Survivors, Inc. (VETS, Inc.) with the hope that we can do our small part to help Veterans readjust to civilian life. Many Veterans who have served in combat zones or who have significant disabilities face high levels of anxiety when in large crowds. Because of this, many Veterans have not felt comfortable enough to attend sporting events or even take their families to events like the circus. To help alleviate much of that discomfort from sitting in such large crowds, we will be providing access to private suites to qualifying Veterans. The suites offer a more safe and secure environment to allow these heroes to relax and enjoy themselves. Also, some suites offer private restrooms and concessions as well as direct access from parking structures to further alleviate most of the stressors that prevent these Veterans from attending such events.

We will be providing these opportunities through two types of donations. Our primary fundraising will be seeking cash donations. These donations will allow us to choose events that match the wishes of our Veterans and their families and rent available suites for those events. The second type of donation is that of the suite holders donating the use of their suite for specific dates/events. Some may do this by directly contacting us while others may donate them back to the arena who may in turn donate them to us.

Our Story

I am Jason Correll, founder and president of VETS, Inc. I have over a decade of experience providing services to Veterans and their families. I have worked at several levels from county to state and up to federal government. Throughout my experience working with Veterans I have heard stories of the difficulties many Veterans face when in large crowds. The high levels of stress and constant threat of harm while in a combat zone make it hard for combat Veterans to relax in large crowds or areas where they cannot control the environment, even once they are home. This became very evident when a co-worker of mine turned down some tickets I offered him to a football game. We got to talking more and he mentioned that he even felt significant anxiety while attending his daughters' middle school events. After several years of discussing ways to alleviate some of that discomfort, I happened to get an email from the Cleveland Browns advertising the single game rentals of their private suites. The idea was born to take Veterans to events in these private suites with the hope that after attending a few events in the secure environment provided by suites, they may gradually become more comfortable when in larger crowds. A few years later and Veterans Entertainment for Trauma Survivors, Inc. was born. Now the hard work begins, getting donations so that we can assist these heroes and their families. We need your help. Please contact us or visit our Donation page to donate directly to our cause. Thank you for your support! 


VETS, Inc. Founder/President Jason Correll with Akron Rubber Ducks mascot